Feb 5 Reflections Monday - LTC and the Client With $1M in Savings

     Our custom at Executive Strategies Group is to take a break from our Agent Talks on the first Monday of each month for Reflections Monday.  The goal of Reflections Monday is to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your business in financial services… perhaps

  • Being more well-rounded to be a better financial planner,

  • Building your practice in a particular way -- such as Final Expense Planning, Long Term Care Planning, 401(k) Rollover Planning, Group Health Planning, or Retirement Planning with Small Business Owners,

  • Improving your Prospecting routine from emails prospecting, Linkedin Prospecting, Cold Call Prospecting, or Existing Client Needs Prospecting, or

  • Watching a webinar or two each week to learn and grow as a professional.

January Recap….

    We have added an online library at our Vimeo channel so folks can watch past Agent Talks.   Last week’s Agent Talk was actually our first for 2018 and focused our Goals for 2018. You can watch that presentation at the link, or via the attached Recording.

Long Term Care Emphasis....

    We are continuing our theme on providing each client with a Long Term Care Protection Plan.  The American Association for Long Term Care has a Sales Center  feature to its website with a number of great free videos on talking to clients about LTC.  Be sure to check out the videos at the link.

    The 2015 Long Term Care Sales Summit gives one access to 25 presentations from leaders in the field.  The most interesting are those that discuss building a lead generate to develop your own leads of folks who are looking for long term care.

Key Facts Flyer and an Example….

    Education is at the heart of what we do as planners.  Long Term Care Planning should be a highlighted portion of our presentations.

   I encourage you to use a tool like the attached flyer, Long Term Care: Key Facts You Should Know, to review with clients, and gradually build your own flyer from facts as the Association for Long Term Care’s website.

    Clients should also know from the amount of money from a Chronic Illness Rider of a life policy that can be dedicated to long term care protection.  The attached is an example for a 45y/o contributing $25k a year to a plan.

New to Executive Strategies Group?

    We recognize that we have agents and wealth management advisors at different points of the ‘curve’ when it comes to our primary emphasis:  Retirement Income Planning with Non-qualified Executive Benefit Plans similar to the plans used by Fortune 1000 companies for their executives.  A Personal Non-Qualified Plan using indexed universal life can generate 25% to 30% more income for the average person that can be provided via mutual funds -- and do so without the market risk.

    You are more than welcome to reach out to my office to schedule one on one time.. Via an online meeting or in person.  


    Thanks for all that you do.  Be sure to sign up for next week’s Agent Talk where we will talk about using the Chronic Illness Rider of American National for a client’s Long Term Care protection plan.   

    Please feel free to call if you need help with an illustration, putting together a proposal or any other type of support.