Executive Strategies Group LLC is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama but has a national presence.

  The company's founder and president is Marvin Stewart.

  Executive Strategies Group is focused on the design, implementation and administration of Executive Benefit plans with an emphasis on Deferred Compensation plans due to the tax deferral and tax savings opportunities with NQDC plans.

  Each reader should pause and reflect on the fact that 70% of all Non-Qualified Plans are funded with Company Owned Life Insurance, i.e., COLI plans.  These plans are specially designed to minimize the premium used for the life insurance component and maximize the premiums used for the cash value component.

  The objective of COLI plans is cash accumulation that allows for tax-deferred growth and tax-free access. 

   Nine out of ten companies...yes, 91% of all Fortune 1000 companies provide a Non-Qualified Deferred Comp Plan for their key employees.

   Regrettable only 17% of companies with less than 100 employees in Small Business America take advantage of the tax planning opportunities that Non-Qualified plans provide. 

  Executive Strategies Group firmly believes in the value proposition that owners, professionals, and key employees in Small Business America should follow the model of executives in Corporate America as to using Non-Qualified Plans for tax planning and maximizing income with the least amount of risk of loss to one's retirement dollar.

   The average American can used the exact same product that is used by Executives in Corporate America for their own retirement planning.  Why not use a retirement vehicle similar to a Company Owned Life Insurance Plan for your own personal retirement...except you own the plan?

   Please feel free to contact us if we can be of help.  We truly enjoy helping others build a more effective retirement roadmap to replace today's income in the tax-efficient way possible.

   Thanks for visiting our site and learning more about our company.

   Marvin Stewart, President & CEO

   Executive Strategies Group LLC

   Birmingham, Alabama

   Phone: 205.566.5583

   Email: MStewart@ExecutiveStrategiesLLC.com