Our 2018 Agent Talks Begin

   Our Agent Talks for 2018 will begin next Monday.  Our Agent Talks will start at 11am CST and will last 30 to 45 minutes.  Be sure to register at this link to ensure you receive regular updates.

Our 2018 Roadmap….

   Our goal for 2018 is to strengthen the foundation we laid to encourage individuals to use Non-qualified Plans similar to those used by executives in Fortune 1000 companies for their own personal use, or to build wealth with pre-tax monies more robustly than one can with a 401(k) plan.  

   Presentations that are geared towards your audience is a key theme for 2018:

  • Non-qualified Deferred Comp (NQDC) plans for the C Corp owner and executive,

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement (SERP) Plans for C Corp owners,

  • NQDC plans for non-owner employees of S Corpos,

  • Personal non-qualified plans for the S Corp owners -- and for the average person.

   Tax Reform has altered the landscape.  We first want you to take advantage of tax reform for yourself, and understand ways to use tax reform to create planning opportunities.  The attached article from WatsonCPA is a good primer.  We will hold several webinars on tax reform.

   Long Term Care Protection plans for each client is also a planning priority.  We must do more than simply mention the policy has a chronic illness rider.  We must use a rider similar to Global Atlantic’s Accelerated Access Rider (attached) and show the client the specific amount available for long term care…. Or have a policy dedicated solely to Long Term Care Protection.

   Prospecting and Marketing….  So many of you have made major strides in talking to owners and professionals about retirement planning.  We must help folks understand the need for a Retirement Income Plan.  We want to create a series of emails, e-letters, Linkedin messages so we reach more and more business owners and professionals.

   Online Library… We will be working to put more of our training and (webinars from our guest speakers) online in an organized format so an agent can engage in self-learning as he builds his business with many Case Studies as an example.


   Reflections Monday will still take place on the 1st Monday of each Monday.  This is a time to reflect on becoming a better planner and re-organize to serve clients better.

  We have an incredible privilege to serve others.  I hope 2018 is the best year of your life -- and your financial services career.  Thank you for all you do for Executive Strategies Group!